Portrait Sessions

Family  |  Senior  |  Bridal  |  Engagements

Whether your needing professional portraits for your family, senior, an engagement or bridals, our portrait sessions are all inclusive and you receive all your digital images so you can print as many pictures as you want at your favorite lab. Below you will find information on pricing and frequently asked questions.

If this is your first time having professional portraits taken, this will be a fun and exciting experience. Even though you may only see me for a brief time with a camera, my editing staff and I spend many hours behind the scenes working to create beautiful images for you to cherish.

For information about our professional head shot service please visit our commercial photography website www.WTXmedia.com

Session Information

Fee: $350

  • Outdoor session (1 hour)
  • Multiple outfits Multiple Poses
  • Up to 30  High Resolution Digital Images
  • Retouching and enhancing of images
  • Print right release that allows you to print at your favorite photo lab

** All inclusive package above includes all your images, high resolution, with print right release.
**$75 non refundable down payment is required to reserve your portrait session. Allowed 1 non weather related reschedule. Down payment goes toward total amount
**Additional fees for advanced retouching
** All sales are subject to TX State Sales Tax.

Sessions scheduled Sunday – Friday (recommended time for best lighting 4-7 pm

Frequently Asked Questions

Q: When is payment due?
A: A $75 non refundable down payment, that goes toward the session total,  is due the day you reserve your portrait session. The remaining amount is due either on or before your session. I accept all forms of payment

Q: Do you have locations you prefer to take pictures?
A: Depending on the style of photography you are wanting I have multiple locations to choose from, whether in an urban setting or outdoor setting. I’m always open to recommendations if you have certain property you would like your session to be photographed.

Q: How long after my session does it take to receive my images?
A: You will receive a 30 day download link to your images within 3 days after your session. The link will also include a print right release letter that will allow you to print as many pictures as your want at your favorite lab.

Q: What if I’m late to the session or have to cancel?
Due to our schedule we only reserve a specific time block for your session. Arriving late will shorten the amount of time we have to photograph you. If needing to reschedule I allow one date/time change. Additional rescheduling will incur a $75 fee that does not go toward your session.

Q: Can friends or relatives attend the session?
Yes, I encourage you to bring people to the session but is not mandatory. I would suggest however to limit the number of guests. We have a limited time of photographing and don’t want too many distraction.

Q: I love a picture I found online. Can you photograph it exactly like it is?
I encourage you to browse online and submit any creative examples to me before your session. However, due to many factors (lighting, camera settings, etc) it is sometimes difficult to replicate images. Submitting sample images does help in giving me a direction on what creative images you want to take.

Q: Do you have any suggestions on what to wear?

It is all up to you!!! We don’t want to change who you are. Wear clothes that represent your personality(s) and show who you are. We want to get a variety of poses so jeans for both guys and gals are great to pose in when working on the ground.

Bold vibrant colors are great for pictures. Just be careful that the color works with your complexion. If you are light skin then white clothing might not be the best fit. Start from the basics: white or black dress shirt(s), jeans or dress pants.

For family portraits, having everyone where neutral colors always is a good start (white, black, blue jeans, dress pants)

If you want a more casual look, then have everyone dress in shorts/jeans and polo shirts. If you want a more formal look then have everyone dress up in formal attire.

The time of the year and what season it is also plays a role in deciding on what to wear. If you want a seasonal look (holiday, fall, spring) wear colors that match the time of the year.

There are many great search tools in helping get inspired for what to wear. I would suggest using Google or Pinterest and always recommend to start by looking in your closet.